Parents Corner

  • Little Unikidsian’s Parents

    Home is the first school for children, and family plays an important role in upbringing of the children.
    Celebration with parents:
    Parents play an important role in protecting, nurturing, teaching, and loving their children. In order to honor the efforts of family members, we celebrate mother’s day, father’s day, grandparent’s day and global parents day. These celebrations do not only inculcate family values among children, but, is helpful in binding families from one generation to the next. In these celebrations, we invite the parents to rejoice the day and build informal relationships. Active participation of parents in school’s activities broadens and enriches the courses and facilities offered to children.
  • Parent Involvement in the Classroom activities
    Parents of Little unikidsian enthusiastically participate in activities held in school from time to time such as annual day celebration, birthday celebration, dental check up, eyes checkup etc. Parents are also involved in home activities linked with the curriculum, for example, parent and the child decorating diyas for Diwali.
  • Parents Educator Meet
    Parent educator meets are scheduled frequently to help parents deal with changing attitudes and behavior of children. It has always been an effective way to upgrade the progress of the child. Progress reports, activity files are maintained to review growth and development of children during the school year. An effective collaboration between parents and teachers is necessary to make preschool a memorable experience for child.
  • Parent Seminars
    Events are organized for parents to discuss issues in child development and keeping them informed about updates in the field of child development which will be helpful in creating better understanding between child and parents and resolve various issues revolving in the minds of parents for upbringing of child. Experts from different areas are invited to address issues relating to development of child.
  • Parent Communication
    Parents are regularly informed about curriculum, activities to be held, upcoming events, field trips and important dates. This updated information about activities helps parents to prepare in advance and inculcate
    positive personal qualities such as timeliness, good habits, beliefs, coordination, planning etc. among young ones. It also fosters understanding about parenting & child development.